City of Edina Economic Development
Aug 10, 2021
Bill Neuendorf
City of Edina Economic Development

Bill Neuendorf will tell us about what's happening in redevelopment in Edina. He will share a few of the projects and some hopes and dreams of the city based on the recently-updated Comprehensive Plan.

Bill Neuendorf (new-n-dorf) is a seasoned professional who has served as Edina’s Economic Development Manager since 2012.

Prior to moving to Minnesota, Bill worked in community and economic development for the City of Chicago and a growing first ring suburb of Chicago. During the condominium boom of the 2000s, Bill prepared public/private TIF contracts for new several condominium projects, many small businesses and a potato chip factory. He also coordinated the budgets of several neighborhood business associations who provided shared services and marketing for local businesses.

Earlier in Bill’s career, he used his engineering, construction and site planning skills to represent developers and businesses seeking entitlements for new projects throughout the USA. Past clients included: Bass Pro Shops, Home Depot, Macys, American Airlines, several shopping mall owners and numerous mixed-use developers. Two of Bill’s most memorable projects were the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville and the restoration of the historic Orchestra Hall and Music Academy on Woodward Avenue in Detroit.

Bill loves working in vibrant communities that are undergoing generational change.