Money and Technology
May 01, 2018
Gary Braley
Money and Technology

Gary Braley has been a techie and a teacher his entire working life. After a short and enjoyable stint as a math teacher, he received his MS in mathematics from Ohio State University just in time to begin working on the earliest aerospace and healthcare information systems for Honeywell. He worked as a programmer on the Apollo guidance system and as a developer and project manager for hospital information systems including the first such system installed at the National Institutes of Health. He then became an independent consultant and participated in over a hundred major projects in the US, Canada and Mexico. 


Because technology was new everywhere, Gary assumed the role of educator explaining what it was all about to diverse organizations including the Air Force, NASA, and hundreds of healthcare facilities and associations. In addition to helping first time users implement technology, he spoke at hundreds of conferences across the country and abroad. Gary also published numerous articles in professional magazines and journals.


As technology has transformed into a personal experience due primarily to smartphones and other mobile devices, Gary has focused on the exciting new capabilities and also the serious consequences of misuse these developments raise. We can no longer rely on Fred the "IT guy" to make the decisions and solve the problems. A simple mistake by an employee can subject an entire organization to a growing variety of threats. In addition to lecturing on a variety of modern tech related topics, Gary publishes a newsletter and blog. Beyond technology, Gary is active on the boards of the local and Metropolitan Meals on Wheels programs and he participates regularly in career days at several high schools.