Lift Up the Vulnerable
Feb 20, 2024
Sasha Nicolle
Lift Up the Vulnerable

Sasha is passionate about sustainable development in emerging nations. This interest was awakened in 2011 when she co-lead a group of students on a mission trip to Haiti. She was inspired by the tenacity of the people she met to affect change for themselves and their country. Since then she has spent over 10 years collaborating with Haitians in the areas of Fair Trade, Micro-Finance, and WASHHer core belief is that the best way to help people flourish is to help them become autonomous rather than dependent on aid.

To further advance this concept she founded an initiative called Emanate International; that promotes organizations, like LUV, and methods that have proven effective in the international development sector. 

She holds a BA in French Education from Bethel University, a Masters in Nonprofit Management from Hamline University, and has begun an MBA from the University of Northwestern. Contact: