Cancer: An African Epidemic
May 21, 2019
Hazel Reinhardt
Cancer: An African Epidemic

Hazel Reinhardt, President and CEO Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania

Driven to bridge the gap between have and have not, Hazel Reinhardt leads the Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania [FCCT] with passion and resolve. As President and CEO, Reinhardt is advancing the efforts of FCCT and its mission to bring quality cancer care to the citizens of Tanzania. Working successfully with donors and partners to build a comprehensive, sustainable cancer care system, FCCT serves cancer patients and families across the northern health care zone of Tanzania. Reinhardt’s determination and visionary leadership includes supporting the launch of a nursing school associated with the Arusha Lutheran Medical Center in Arusha, Tanzania and building systems for aligning donors and sponsorship programs to educate young girls in the region. Understanding the bare essential available to the citizens of this country, Reinhardt leads FCCT with compassion and determination to fulfill critical needs. Earlier in her career Hazel was on the faculty at the University of WisconsinMadison and served as the first Minnesota State Demographer. Her expertise in demographic research evolved into a worldwide consulting practice where she spent many years educating and advising print media managers in appropriately sizing markets for advertising and readership circulation. Reinhardt resides in Edina and today has an active consulting practice focusing primarily on school enrollment projections.