Edina Morningside Rotarians and guests enjoyed a wonderful evening celebrating the 100th anniversary of The Rotary Foundation.   Thanks to hosts Mark Arnold and Continental Diamond for a fantastic event filled with good food, drink and company!  There were a number of speakers including Past DG Jim Nelson, DG Mark Hegstrom and Foundation Liaison Jim Warner.   A special thanks to some of our newer members for helping coordinate this special event.
Casey Moore, John Pastor, District Governor Mark Hegstrom and Kris Pastor
Catherine Gump, Justine Onana and Deb Nyheim

EMRC President Tom Gump, Edina Rotary Club President Ann Platt, Jim Platt and Zdenek Kratky 
Kim and Mark Arnold
Nikola Kratky, Doug McElrath and Susan de Hoog
Kyle Girard, Sue Mickelberg and Mark Arnold