The Rotary clubs of Edina Morningside, Edina, Bloominigton and Eden Prairie AM are proud to support the Afghan Community in Minnesota Rotary Community Corps.
District 5950 Rotarians from several clubs support the Afghan Community in Minnesota “Rotary Community Corps" and gathered for its inaugural meeting Feb 5th 2022.This community is expected to double in size as refugee families resettle; more Rotary volunteers and club sponsors are sought. For much more information and details.
These meetings bring Afghans together for fellowship. They are being resettled throughout the metro area and often do not live near each other. It gives them a space to tell their stories. It is also a time that Rotarians help connect  them to services and resources. Your presence is welcome. Check with President Steve May about resources you might have to bring to these meetings. 
This RCC is the realization of a wonderful concept:  established members of the Twin Cities Afghan community provide mutual support to its newest community members comprising refugee families that fled Afghanistan in August to resettle amongst us in Minnesota.  750 people have resettled since October 2021 and another 750 are expected in the coming months.  People resettling in these numbers have overwhelmed the system, including resettlement agencies and state and local government service organizations.  As Rotarians, what we aim to do is to augment (not replace) the services already in-place, while simultaneously supporting the Afghan Community in Minnesota as it becomes recognized as the “go-to” mutual support organization for this community.
Because these new arrivals are resettling throughout the Twin Cities, we seek the support of additional sponsoring clubs and /or individual Rotarians. 
Afghan Community in Minnesota RCC meetings are currently scheduled every other Saturday from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. Meetings are held in the auditorium of the Normandale Elementary School, 5701 Normandale Road, Edina MN 55424. Enter Door 10 at the South end of the building.
Please contact:  Bob Keller, tel. 612-327-0682, email 
Watch a video about the Afghan Resettlement Story below.