The Rotary Club of Edina Morningside's Foundation is pleased to announce that it has approved $10,000 in local grants.    The following organizations are recipients of our 2019-2020 grants (sponsoring Rotarian):
$2,000 - VEAP (Mary Brindle)
$2,000 - Edina ABC (Dan Hunt)
$1,000 - Oasis for Youth (Doug McElrath)
$1,000 - Help at your Door (Brad Johnson)
$1,000 - MATTERBox (Jeremy Newhouse)
$500 - Bridging (Bobb Schriver)
$500 - Edina Give and Go (Afira Hasan)
$500 - Edina Community Foundation (Dick Crockett)
$500 - Edina Education Fund (John Sorteberg)
$500 - Youth Frontiers (John Sorteberg)
$500 - Senior Community Services (Ted Field)
Thanks to all the Rotarians who sponsored and voted to distribute this money.   And a special thank you to EMRC Foundation Director, Rob Laughlin-