Tom and Catherine Gump have hosted Paco, an exchange student this school year.  His father died suddenly Sunday, September 24th.  Paco's family (pictured below) have come to be with him.  A memorial service for Paco’s dad was held Monday, October 2nd at St. Thomas the Apostle, 2914 W 44th St, Minneapolis, MN  55410.   We want to recognize the Gump family for their incredible support to Paco and his family during an unimaginable time in their lives.  Many Rotarians and their families stepped up to support this family in their time of need - both emotionally and financially.   Rotary participation and support at the memorial service was felt by all in attendance!
This is Paco‘s brother Dani (13), Paco, Andrew Gump, Ana (Paco‘s mom) and Sara (6).