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Edina Morningside
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Highway 100 Spring Clean Up

When we get 10 feet of snow in one winter there are several archeological layers of trash out on the side of the highway.  Never fear... Rotary is here!  Yes, the same service above self men, women, boys, and girls of all generations who have cleaned up Hwy 100 are being called up to action again.  Our name is on the sign, so we need YOU.  It looks good on EMRC.  It looks good on Edina.  And the orange vest, boots, gloves look good on you!  Even if you are new to Rotary or have never had the opportunity to participate, April 27 is your big day.

Bob Schriver will be there at 7 for the early risers.  This is about a 1 to 1 1/2 hour commitment that makes a big difference in the appearance of the community.  Bring your kids, grandkids, neighbors, National Honor Society firends, baseball or soccer team... we will welcome any warm bodies who know how to stay away from traffic.

Spring air is guaranteed! We will provide coffee, doughnuts, trash bags, and safety vests.  All you need to bring is gloves and that positive Rotary attitude. :)  Bring gloves - we have enough for the ABC kids - but not enough for everyone.  Prizes for the most interesting/valuable thing found in the right of way.

Takes 30 plus people to do this right - so we need you all, with spouses, with children.

Thank you in advance for signing up to serve.