Challlenges in higher education and workforce and how Wallin Education Partners is responding.
Mar 19, 2019
Susan King
Challlenges in higher education and workforce and how Wallin Education Partners is responding.

As Executive Director, Susan Basil King has overall responsibility for leadership, planning, and management of Wallin Education Partners.

Under her direction, Wallin Education Partners (Wallin EP)  has more than doubled the number of students who receive support. Susan began her career as a researcher for the Connecticut Department of Higher Education. Susan was the Director of Enrollment Planning at Saint John’s University/College of Saint Benedict and was the Director of Marketing for Ernst & Young/Twin Cities. Before joining Wallin EP, she was a Principal at Manchester Companies working with clients in the public, private and nonprofit sectors to improve organizational performance.

Wallin Education Partners, based in Minnesota, began providing comprehensive support to low income, high potential students in 1992. Today, Wallin EP celebrates a 90% six-year graduation rate for its scholars compared to 12% nationally for low income, first generation students of color. Wallin EP has a 95% career placement rate, an 80% regional retention rate, and 40% of students graduate with no debt.  The remaining 60% graduate with manageable debt of $17,000, half the Minnesota average for four-year college.  

Wallin Education Partners’ program combines financial aid with comprehensive, individualized advising support, workshops to build financial acumen and college to career readiness efforts to guide scholars to employment or graduate school decisions.  Scholars participate in peer mentoring, campus affinity groups, career fairs and have access to networks based on their course of study and career aims.  Wallin EP works closely with high school and college/university partners to leverage all sources of support for scholars.  In addition, scholars meet donors, a unique element that provides an additional connection to caring adults who are interested in their success.  Recently featured on the PBS Newshour, Wallin EP is considered one of the most effective programs of its type in the country.