Rotarians mentor Capstone Project scholars

The Edina Rotary Global Scholar Program is a three-year program in which students develop global competency skills that enhance college, career, and civic readiness. It is sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Edina and Edina / Morningside along with the Edina Education Fund.

The first seven participating students completed their self-paced Capstone projects. The Capstone is the final requirement and is a chance for them to showcase their global competency skills. During the Capstone, students research a global issue of their choice. Whenever possible, they work with and are mentored by Rotarians who have experience in their research field.

Students created podcasts and videos to present their research projects, promoted various UN Sustainable Development Goals, and highlighted their global issue and country of choice. As one project example, Francesca Elia worked with Cargill and researched bioengineering techniques to help with world hunger. She tied this into the concept of Golden Rice in the Philippines and created a four-episode podcast series.   

This program has formed a valuable connection between the high school and the local Rotary. It has bridged gaps and formed more relationships between students, Rotarians and the community both locally and globally. This program is always looking for Rotarians who are willing to work with the global scholar students.

More information can be found HERE.   Also, please be sure to join us on April 13th at our club meeting to hear more on this topic (joint meeting with the Noon club).