Saturday was a chilly day, but how fitting to pick up a truckload of hats and gloves from Milaca, MN!  This is a major effort each year: providing warm hats, mittens, and gloves for children -- and we are talking by the thousands!  Led by Ted Field for 25 years, Paul Nelson took this over last year and continues the tradition - the 27th year now. 
Paul seeks out donations (many local Rotary clubs participate) and then the items are purchased from Milaca Unclaimed Freight and picked up in a large truck. 
Paul works with EMRC and other Rotarians to distribute the items to organizations and charities to get them into the hands of the less fortunate.
Please note - hats and gloves are available for YOU to give to your favorite charity (see above - about 1,000 hats and 1,500 gloves).  Please contact Paul Nelson and let him know how many you could distribute for our club.  Religious organizations, schools and shelters can all make use of these.  Email or call/text 612-363-6469.  
Thanks to everyone for helping this year!