Jul 19, 2022
James Holmes, Jr.
Why Educational Inclusion is Good for Everyone

James Holmes, Jr. has over 35 years experience in the Finance, Credit and Investment Industry. He has deep financial, credit and investment knowledge. James has spent many years helping individuals learn and improve their financial situations. After working several decades for the largest Wall Street Firm and major Auto Groups as an Financial Consultant and Finance Manager, Holmes retired from the corporate industry and started Black Lion Inc. along with his Attorney wife Kimberly Holmes. Together they fully own five corporations primarily devoted to closing the racial wealth gap in the United States and the World at large. 

In addition to being the principal owner of five S-Corporations, Holmes runs two nonprofits,  Black Lion Foundation (www.blacklionfoundation.com) and the Edina ABC Foundation (www.abetterchance mn.com), whom he will be speaking on behalf of.   His topic will be "Why Educational Inclusion is good for everyone."  Holmes has written over a dozen books.  He is releasing his newest book, (A BETTER CHANCE MN) at the July 19th meeting.  All book proceeds will go to the Edina ABC Foundation.