Thanks to everyone who turned out on a damp Saturday morning to clean up EMRC's stretch of Highway 100. Under the direction of Bob Schriver, crews were dispatched to various stretches of Highway 100 between the Crosstown and 50th St. with their safety vests and yellow bags.  We collected about 60 bags of trash which MN-DOT will pick up during the coming week. Dave Wendt provided transportation to and from the lower lot at Perkins.   Next time you drive that stretch, please take a look!
Cathy Hogan and Mamie Segall paired up beneath the sign that marks our club’s section of Highway 100. 
Susie Silva working the West side near the Benton Ave. exit. 
Susie's partner was Chris Kennedy (photo credit).
While Paul Nelson and Guy Logan found a dozen golf balls.  
And a $100 bill was found as well, which will be donated to t
he benefit the golf tournament on Monday! And, 
John Pastor found a missing wallet. 
Hopefully the Edina Police have been able to locate the owner!
Afira Hasan and family with Mary Brindle
Our "Chairman of Cleanliness" Mark Moore and Bob Schriver