Tuesday, November 28th, 7:30 a.m. at the Edina Country Club, 5100 Wooddale Ave., Edina 
Kamilla Elliott and Jeanne Larson at Solhem Companies will speak about the Fred Apartments.
Finance & Commerce wrote this about Solhem Companies: "The Fred apartment projects contain elements of his varied passions. They focus on energy efficiency, sustainability, and clean energy mixed with contemporary design graced by paintings and architecture. While many of Solhem’s apartments are built in Minneapolis, it has branched out to Edina and Rochester.The apartment buildings have several common characteristics. They consume 30% less energy than direct competitors, and it verifies the claim through an Xcel Energy program. The efficiency comes from many small changes such as tweaking bathroom fans and garage lighting and installing better windows on the south sides of buildings to reduce heat exposure and save on air conditioning."

“'We’re proud of the efficiency work since it’s an investment that we think is worthwhile because we end up getting the money back,'” he said.

His solar company, Renew 22, provides enough clean energy to power Solhem’s more than 2,700 apartments. His buildings boast electric vehicle chargers, white roofs that save energy by reflecting sunlight, and community gardens where residents can harvest vegetables and herbs. Gunsbury also likes to tout his buildings’ oversized balconies that allow for outdoor living and art collections that cover the walls, lobbies and outdoor areas." Finance & Commerce