Next Topic: Values Based Leadership
Tuesday, April 20th, 6:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m.

Please join The Rotary Club of Edina’s Leadership Series in April as we welcome Paul Mooty, Vice-Chairman and Partner at the Faribault Woolen Mill Company to share an interactive learning experience entitled Values Based Leadership… “Who Are You and What Do You Stand For?” This session is open to the public so please forward this to your friends, colleagues, and employees so that can benefit as well. See you there!

How to trust who you are and your values to guide you

There are many ways to lead.  Many of us have worked under, heard about, studied, and probably tried to emulate many of these differing leadership styles.  Some believe that they must adapt their approach to mirror a leader they admire in order to be successful.  Much can be learned from others, but it can be difficult to model your leadership approach completely after someone else's. In this session our speaker will be discussing a leadership approach rooted in who you are and what matters most to you.  We will discuss:

·         Basic principles of Values Based Leadership

·         Perspectives, learnings and examples from Paul's own journey


Please join The Rotary Club of Edina’s Leadership Development Series. These sessions are offered as part of membership development, promoting leadership skill development, goal setting, career planning, problem solving skills, and networking. All sessions are open to the public so please forward this to your friends, colleagues, and employees so that can benefit as well.
Watch for details about the talk and the registration link here.
Meeting the 3rd Tuesday of each month, this year’s program will continue with strong content delivered by seasoned professionals in an environment that will foster both relationship and leadership development, including the opportunity to form meaningful career mentor-mentee relationships. If you are interested in improving your effectiveness and expanding your network to include growth minded leaders like yourself, this series is for you.
Hosted by Robb Breding of Edina Rotary.

Schedule and Commitment:
The Leadership Development Series is designed with the busy professional in mind.  Although we believe that maximum benefit will be gained by committing to attend every session, a regular monthly scheduled coupled with a plug-n-play format will allow you to engage in as few or as many of the sessions as you choose.  All we ask is that you come ready to engage.
Program Objectives:
  • Leadership Skill Development:A core focus on skills development to help the participants learn specific skill sets in order to develop professionally, add value to their organization(s) and to make progress toward their career goals.
  • Goal Setting/Career Planning:  Provide a framework for participants to identify their professional and personal goals and carve out a long-term career path.
  • Problem Solving: Assist the participants in developing cognitive skills in order to strengthen the mental process of discovering, analyzing and solving problems to overcome obstacles.
  • Networking: Create a rich environment for participants to expand and develop their professional connections and business network.
Session Schedule and Topic List:
  • 7/21/20 – Teamwork
  • 8/18/20 – Innovation
  • 9/15/20 – Resiliency/Dealing with Adversity
  • 10/20/20 – Communication
  • 11/17/20 – Goal Setting
  • 12/15/20– Problem Solving
  • 1/19/21 – Emotional Intelligence
  • 2/16/21 – Time and Priority Management
  • 3/16/21 – Conflict Management
  • 4/20/21 – Values Based Leadership
  • 5/18/21 – Decision Making
  • 6/15/21 – Coaching and Developing Others