Periodically, RI and District 5950 request that clubs bring their guiding documents up to date. Some of the red-lined changes in the Club Constitution are a result of changes to the RI constitution. Red-lined changes in the Bylaws affect our club, board and how we function

Constitution changes include:

Allowing via an online connection
Establish a satellite club
Allowing a club’s bylaws to supersede the club’s constitution
Changes to attendance

Bylaws red-lined changes include:

Board of Directors definitions
Committee definitions

A note to all club members: Please review these red-lined changes. If you wish to suggest further edits to these documents, please send your suggestions to Club Administrator Mary Brindle. Your suggestions will be provided to the club’s board of directors for their consideration when voting to update these documents.

Mary Brindle
952-941-7746, 612-270-9887