Our foundation joined the polio fight almost 15 years ago. And in all that time, I cannot think of a more important moment than right now.
In my new Gates Notes post, I write about the amazing progress the world has made against the crippling disease, but also why we are at risk of losing the gains we have fought so hard for.
We still aren’t reaching areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan, the only countries where polio remains endemic. Outbreaks of other forms of polio continue to crop up in under-immunized communities across Africa and parts of Asia. And the pandemic continues to interrupt polio campaigns and routine immunizations.
But thanks to the iron will of the thousands of polio workers and an improved strategy to end this disease, I’m confident that with sufficient financial resources and political support we can create a world where no child will ever be paralyzed by polio again.
I hope you’ll take a few minutes to learn more about this effort.
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