Speaker Date Topic
Abigail Prosser Feb 25, 2020
Ultimate Power: What is it and how to tap into it for yourself?

Abigail Prosser has spent the last 10 years researching and developing a program for women on purpose and power. After countless seminars, workshops and lectures on this very topic she realized that purpose is not to be discovered sitting in a chair listening to someone else talking about it. Purpose is uncovered through the experience of inquiry. It is already there residing within you and that when the right questions are asked, clarity of purpose is discovered. Abigail has developed The Women: Purpose and Power program so that others can uncover their own purpose in life and be able to express it in their own unique and powerful way.

Jeanne McGill Mar 03, 2020
Thinking Outside the Box / Funeral Pre-Planning Consultants
Stephanie Urchick - RI Director Zones 33-34 Mar 11, 2020 8:30 AM
Joint Meeting - EMRC Hosting
Joint Meeting - EMRC Hosting
Gail Rosenblum Mar 17, 2020
Consuming the News

Gail Rosenblum is editor of Inspired, the Star Tribune's weekly lifestyle section focusing on goodness, hope and solutions. Gail also contributes a weekly Q + A to Inspired called "Problem Solvers." Before taking over Inspired in June of 2018, Gail worked as a Star Tribune columnist, beat reporter and editor for 18 years. She speaks throughout the community about the importance of storytelling, and teaches news and magazine writing at the University of Minnesota. Gailʼs first book of essays, "A Hundred Lives Since Then: Essays on Motherhood, Marriage, Mortality...and More," was published in 2011. She has three young adult children, three bonus kids from her second marriage, a delightful new daughter-in-law and a spoiled 10-year-old whipped named Penelope Princess of the Lakes. Gail is also a HUGE Rotary fan. She was a Rotary International Scholar to Toulouse, France, from 1981-1982. She hails from a family of Rotarians, including her mother, Estelle, and her brother, Jay. Her daughter, Carly Davis, a family social science major, was honored with a Rotary Scholarship to the University of Minnesota.

Carynn Roehrick Mar 24, 2020
Edina Schools Volunteer Programs
Jukka Kukkonen Mar 31, 2020

Jukka Kukkonen from PlugInConnect is an EV market and business solutions consultant. Jukka has deep knowledge of the electric vehicle market and he specializes in market dynamics and real-life user perspectives. He has built programs for utility companies, condominium and apartment building charging, workplace charging, DC fast charging, outreach and education and smart grid integration. He also teaches the “EV Market and Technologies” graduate course at the University of Saint Thomas. You can find out more about his work by visiting www.PlugInConnect.com   

Dick Crockett Apr 28, 2020
CEO Roundtable - Community Impact Program