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Susan Lund, Program Chair, with Manny
The Rotary Club of Edina Morningside hosted 150 guests and Rotarians for a powerful presentation by Manny Villifana: "The Trials, Tribulations, and Life Lessons from a Medical Device Entrepreneur."  Manny inspired the creativity in all of us with a realistic look at how medical devices have changed our lives - and a glimpse of the future in both the medical world but also in broader technology including some of the major future role of our Google and Apple phones.  The theme of the Rotary Year is "Be the Inspiration".  Manny didn't disappoint, providing many laughs and serious glimpses at what is possible in the near future.   
MANNY VILLIFANA 2018-09-18 05:00:00Z 0
Of the 35,000+ clubs across the globe, Rotary International chose only a few clubs to obtain membership tips from - and EMRC was one of them!
EMRC Past-President & D5950 Governor Nominee Tom Gump
During Tom's year as EMRC president (2016-2017), our club added 31 members and went from a medium-sized club to a large club in D5950 - with only four clubs larger than ours.  Truly amazing and a role model for clubs across the globe.  If you haven't had a chance to read the article, or just want to see it again, you can find it here - "STEP RIGHT UP".

INTERESTED IN ROTARY? 2018-07-22 05:00:00Z 0
Rotary serves children around the world through the Polio Plus program. Today is your opportunity to beautify your home AND protect a child against this crippling disease.  View this year's selections.  And don't forget to share the link with your neighbors and businesses.  Spring is just around the corner!
In partnership with:

PLANT A FLOWER - PROTECT A CHILD 2018-03-16 05:00:00Z 0
We enjoyed record breaking attendance as we hosted a joint meeting of the Edina Rotary Clubs, November 28, featuring a Panel Discussion on the opioid epidemic. The discussion was moderated by our own John Pastor, System Director for Fairview Pharmacy Services. 

Guests included Rich Stanek, Hennepin County Sheriff; Lexi Reed Holtum, Executive Director, Steve Rummler Hope Network;
Rob Reynolds, Advocacy Director, Verde Technologies & former Eden Prairie Police Chief.

OPIOID AWARENESS 2017-12-03 06:00:00Z 0
From Past-DG Jim Nelson, who along with EMRC Rotarians Tom Gump and Paula Schwartz recently returned from Honduras.
We saw the good – generated by the previous Honduras project that many helped to fund – and the bad – additional communities in the same general area that are still waiting hopefully for help.  
HONDURAS 2017-09-24 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jodi Tervo Roberts
One Rotary Summit – Join Leaders, Exchange Ideas, Take Action.
As I sat at the stoplight, facing the morning sun, I couldn’t help but think what a gorgeous day it was going to be. The sunrise was breathtaking. It felt surreal, being a part of the Edina Morningside Rotary Club (EMRC), on my way to a training day with other Rotarians, and the sunrise. I couldn’t stop thinking about the sunrise.
As a new member of the EMRC and still in the midst of the longest transition of my life (move & career), I have not felt like I am really part of any community for a while. But this morning, I had that sense of community before even walking through the doors. It only got better.
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COMMUNITY LEADERS AT ONE ROTARY SUMMIT Jodi Tervo Roberts 2017-09-20 05:00:00Z 1 #EMRC,#EMRCRotaryStory,#OneRotarySummit,#RotaryStory
We are collecting items for the kits at Rotary meetings:
  • Girls cotton underpants (sizes 8-14)
  • Washed flannel (dark & wild patterns best)
  • 100% cotton (smallest size 5”x5” and dark & wild patterns are best)
  • Washcloths
  • Hotel-size soap
  • Ziploc bags – gallon size, freezer, with slide-closure
Need more details?  Julie Madison – or Chris Kennedy –
For more information on the Days for Girls program -
DAYS FOR GIRLS DONATIONS 2017-07-23 05:00:00Z 0
Each week, at the end of our club meetings, we tell our program speaker, “A donation has been made to our Foundation that provides local and global grants to a variety of organizations that assist others.”  Here is the proof!  Pictured is last year’s President, Tom Gump, presenting Foundation treasurer Jane Ehresmann with a check for $3,500 from the club in recognition of the 35 speakers in 2016-2017.  $100 per speaker is contributed to the Edina Morningside Rotary Foundation and will be available for distribution as we seek to “Make a Difference” in 2017-2018.
MAKING A DIFFERENCE 2017-07-03 05:00:00Z 0
This June, The Rotary Club of Edina Morningside voted to dedicate the remaining balance ($2,250) of its 2016 International Projects Budget to a “WASH” (i.e., water, sanitation and hygiene) project located in western Honduras.  The ambitious project plan presented entails raising $800,000, with project partner World Vision, to benefit thousands of families, schools and health care facilities, by providing access to lasting sources of clean water.
If you would like to participate in the project, or go with PDG Jim Nelson, PDG Tim Murphy and Tom Gump to Honduras in September, please contact Tom Gump.  The multi-club, multi-district project is being spearheaded by The Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club and The Rotary Club of Edina Morningside is the first club to vote to contribute dollars to this important project.   

Rotary Friendship Exchange 2017- Living the American Way

Joining the Rotary Friendship Exchange between RID 5950 and RID 3810 this Rotary Year 2016-2017 of Rotary Serving Humanity and Rotary Foundation's 100th year of Doing Good in the World is a very wonderful experience of a lifetime I will never forget.

Living and interacting with the Rotarians from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA from May 26, 2017 to June 8, 2017 together with other Filipino Rotarians from RID 3810 is an experience so worth remembering and to treasure forever.

The weather held, the air was cool, 67 golfers hit the greens, 2 Silver sponsors, 3 Bronze, and 21 Hole sponsors contributed generously along with 67 golfers!  And Steve Schmitt hit a hole in one on #17!!!  A great day for Rotary that will make a difference in the lives of many.  Thanks to all who participated.
2017 GOLF TOURNAMENT - thank you! 2017-05-28 05:00:00Z 0
Posted on Apr 16, 2017
Congratulations to EMRC past-president Rob Laughlin who was recently recognized for both past and current service to EMRC.  Rob received an Annual Volunteer Award at the 38th Edina Annual Volunteer Awards Reception, which took place April 3rd at Braemar Golf Course.   
Thank you Rob for all that you do for our club, Rotary and those that we serve!

CONGRATULATIONS ROB! 2017-04-16 05:00:00Z 0
The Rotary Club of Edina Morningside 2016-17 President, Tom Gump, has been appointed to District 5950’s Leadership Team, in the role of “District Trainer.”  Part of Tom’s duties will include serving as the Emcee at the District 5950 portion of the President-Elects Training Session this year, which will be held on Thursday, March 9 through Saturday, March 11, 2017, in Ames, Iowa.
District 5950 District Governor Hegstrom has also requested Tom to work a booth at the upcoming District Mid Term Assembly, on January 28, 2017, to showcase "Achieving the Presidential Citation." Tom will work on our Club’s 2016-17 Presidential Citation live, on line, while projecting his work on a screen, so others can learn how to complete the application.  He will also create some handouts to distribute to others that visit the booth that detail how to navigate the process and make a brief announcement about "Achieving the Presidential Citation" at the Mid Term Assembly.  
Congrats Tom.  Thank you for setting an example of service above self!

Posted on Dec 10, 2016
Band students from Edina's Valley View Middle School gathered at Barnes and Noble on Saturday, December 10th to entertain shoppers.   The students, under the direction of Ms. Melody Snyder and Mr. Chris Gumz, participate in Harmony Bridge Club where they meet after school each week.
Harmony Bridge is a project created by Michael Levine and is proudly supported by the Edina Morningside Rotary Club.   Mr. Levine is the founder and director of the Dallas Brass, one of America's foremost music ensembles.  One of Michael's latest projects is Harmony Bridge, which brings student musicians of all ages to senior communities to perform for and interact residents living in senior communities.  
Harmony Bridge bridges generations, brings joy and love to the elderly and others in need.  It provides an opportunity for middle school and high school students experience being of service using skills they are leaning in school.  It also significantly contributes to improving students’ musicianship, the enjoyment of making music, and a lifelong appreciation for music and the arts.
The students will continue playing for seniors in our community in January 2017.

HARMONY BRIDGE CLUB 2016-12-10 06:00:00Z 0
The Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of US $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International (TRF). The number of Paul Harris Fellows globally reached the one million mark in 2006.  During the 100th Anniversary Year of The Rotary Foundation, District Governor Mark Hegstrom has been encouraging Rotarians to become Paul Harris Society members (committing to contribute $1000 annually).  There are now 250 PHS members in Rotary District #5950.
DG Mark's home club is the Rotary Club of Edina Morningside.  Under 2016-2017 President, Tom Gump, the club has taken the $365 per member contribution goal seriously. Tom has received commitments from 16 club members to become new PHS members. That brings the total number of PHS members to 24! In addition, on November 15, The Rotary Club of Edina Morningside became a 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club. DG Mark Hegstrom together with Club President, Tom Gump (l) and Jim Warner, Club TRF Chair, (r) proudly display the new recognition flag. Congratulations to all the club members and the District Governor on this honor.
While the Edina Mornginside club has a history of generosity, some of their Multiple PHF members used "points" to add to the cash contributions of newer members to reach the goal of every club member becoming a PHF.  The Edina Morningside currently has 79 members. Join something powerful... will you be our 80th member?



Congratulations Ted Field, Heart of the Community Recipient!  Minneapolis Area Association of Realtor's Heart of the Community Award Recipient, Ted Field, a MAAR REALTOR® founded Warm Hands, Warm Heads, Warm Hearts in connection with Edina Morningside Rotary Club, over 20 years ago. This program has kept many local families warm during the winter months by distributing over 300,000 hats and gloves to those in need.
Over the past 18 months, Ted has volunteered 100+ hours of his time and raised $40,000 for this cause. MAAR's Heart of the Community program will contribute $500 to Warm Hands, Warm Heads, Warm Hearts on behalf of Ted's leadership in the community.  Ted, a Rotarian for 23 years, is also a past-president of the Rotary Club of Edina Morningside.  

TED FIELD, AWARD RECIPIENT John Pastor 2016-09-04 05:00:00Z 0
The official Rotary Club of Edina Morningside RC Car
Youth Impact Racing is 100% committed to the next generation by teaching young people the value of responsibility, friendship, and teamwork.  In 2016, the Rotary Club of Edina/Morningside provided a local grant to fund a remote control “Rotary” Car for the youth of our community. They shared pictures of the two new Rotary RC cars that were purchased. The second car is red.  The YIR Director is scheduled to speak to our club on February 7 and to give you an opportunity to drive one of the RC cars! 

ROTARY RC CAR 2016-08-29 05:00:00Z 0
Son Joe Machacek, Colleen and DG Mark Hegstrom, Colin Regis (Jaclyn's fiancé), Daughter Jaclyn Machacek
VIEW A NEW PHOTO ALBUM FROM THE INSTALLATION (send Mark Shockey any pictures you took to add)
What an honor for our club.  Just a few years ago Mark Hegstrom was club President, he went on to be the chair of the district membership committee, and now is the 2016-2017 District Governor.  On June 16, the Edina Morningside Club President Elect, Tom Gump (center) emceed a celebration of the effective year of 2015-2016 District Governor, Tim Murphy (right) of the Rotary Club of Edina and the installation of Mark Hegstrom (left).  The event included thoughts from both the current Governor and the Governor-Elect as well as the handing off of the "Home of the District Governor" flag from the Rotary Club of Edina President-Elect, Ann Platt, to our President-Elect, Tom Gump, and presentation of huge bouquets of flowers to the first ladies designed by our own Janine Krieter. Interlachen Country Club was host to this celebration including entertainment by Rotarian Tim Mulcrone and The Jazz Cats. Many club members participated to make this an outstanding and memorable event.
Look for a year of vibrant clubs as our the leader of District 5950 begins his term on July 1, with his District theme of Great on Purpose.

Every week Rotarians gather to pack backpacks with food so that the students from struggling families in 12 area public schools don't go hungry over the weekend. That keeps them on top of their educational game.
April is the EMRC month with member Mark Shockey serving as the team lead each week. A few of our club members have volunteered each week including Rena, Laura, Kevin, Mike, and Zdenek. Last week an Edina High School student, Eleanor (at the end of the table in a blue shirt), partnered with Rotary for her Service Learning Project. Eleanor is an avid reader (her mom was librarian at St. Peter's School for years) and brought in 168 new books she had gathered to encourage reading. Her project researched and tried to overcome financial hurdles for learning. One book went home with each elementary school student over the weekend.  What a great way to share her gift to the world - reading! 

CONNECT WITH ROTARY 2015-09-28 05:00:00Z 0
Another great travel experience from one of our Rotary Youth Exchange students, Sarah Aydinalp (left) 2014-15, who just returned from Brazil. We also are hosting new students from South Korea and Norway; as well as sending one of our Edina youth to Italy. Safe and happy journeys to all of you!
EMRC EXCHANGE 2015-08-18 05:00:00Z 0
In April, President Rob Laughlin conducted an online survey of EMRC members to refresh our findings of the April 2013 Visioning process. Please view the summary below and how this will be used in the 2015-2016 Rotary year to improve our club.  Click below to view the survey:
CLUB VISIONING 2015 SUMMARY 2015-06-22 05:00:00Z 0
Our program speaker, Andi Egbert, the Assistant Director of the MN State Demographic Center recently briefed our club on some demographics that effect us. The State Demographic Center promotes data-informed decision-making for the benefit of the state. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PRESENTATION she made to the club.
Check out data by topic from the State Demography Website:
MN Demographic Presentation 2015-02-09 00:00:00Z 0
Our Club Charter - "This Certifies that the Rotary Club of Edina/Morningside, Minnesota, U.S.A. having been duly organized and having agreed, through its officers and members, to be bound by the Constitution and By-Laws of Rotary International, which agreement is evidenced by the acceptance of this certificate, is now a duly admitted member of Rotary International and is entitled to all the rights and privileges of such membership."
The Rotary Club of Edina Morningside was sponsored by The Rotary Club of Edina and chartered on December 29, 1989. We celebrated the club's Silver Anniversary with a hangar dance at Thunderbird Aviation on January 24, 2015. We are proud of the work of our club and will continue to mark this special occasion at meetings, projects and special events throughout 2015.
Celebrating 25 Years! Mary Brindle 2015-02-02 00:00:00Z 0
25th Anniversary Presentation 2015-01-26 00:00:00Z 0


Thank you for your interest in the Edina Morningside Rotary Flower Sale

100% of proceeds will benefit Polio vacinations - full eradication is in sight!


We ask that you PAY ONLINE - or send a check to the address on the order form.

Orders & payments must be received by Friday, March 31

Pick up will be Thursday, May 11, 4-7pm  St. Peter's Church East parking lot
5421 France Avenue South, Edina

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